• Apple's U.S. Jobs Announcement Comes At An Opportune Time

    One year ago - By Fast Company

    In the wake of the GOP's tax cuts, Apple is bringing overseas cash home and spending it on a new campus, manufacturing investments, and more.
    Apple's Wednesday announcement of new investments in U.S. facilities, jobs, and companies is real news and good news. But, reading between the lines, it's also a carefully crafted PR drill intended to stave off criticism and curry some favor with Washington.
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  • Wells Fargo closures to have ‘minimal' impact on Southern Nevada jobs

    One year ago - By Review Journal

    Wells Fargo Co.'s plans to cut nearly one in seven U.S. branches by 2020 will have a limited impact on its presence in theSouthern Nevada region, a local bank official said Wednesday.
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  • U.S. carmakers have a remedy for slower sales: pickups and more pickups

    One year ago - By Reuters

    DETROIT - Overall U.S. new vehicle sales could fall for the second year in a row in 2018, but Detroit's automakers are betting they can sell more high-margin pickup trucks and sport utilities to prop up profits.
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  • 11 'historic sites' in Georgia added to new U.S. Civil Rights Trail

    11 'historic sites' in Georgia added to new U.S. Civil Rights Trail

    One year ago - By Biz Journals

    Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy in Georgia will feature prominently on the new U.S. Civil Rights Trail.
    Georgia Tourism, a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, said Wednesday that 11 historic sites in the Peach State will be part of the new trail, which was created by 14 Southern tourism departments. (See adjacent slideshow for Georgia's sites)
    The trail links "the country's most important civil rights sites," which includes more than 130 landmarks made up of museums, churches,...
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