• Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Reynolds joked about swapping their superhero movie roles - and now fans want a Thor and Deadpool crossover

    9 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Watch out Ryan Reynolds. Chris Hemsworth wants to play Deadpool.
    While celebrating his 35th birthday, the Thor actor says one of his sons slammed his face into "flaming candles."
    It's all good though. He says he'd now be down to play Deadpool, whose body is covered in scars.
    Ryan Reynolds said he's down after joking that he'd be taking over the role of Thor. He joked that his daughter stabbed one of his eyes out so he could play the God of Thunder.
    Thor lost his right eye in "Thor: Ragnarok."
    While fans may not want to see the two trade roles, they would like to see a Thor/Deapool...
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