• This dog came back from the groomer looking like a sheep, and it's the funniest thing you'll see all day

    One year ago - By Business Insider

    A dog salon in Japan called Yorikokoro groomed a dog to make it look extra fluffy.
    The dog looks more like a sheep now.
    It's unclear how the groomer achieved this look.
    Dogs come in all shapes and sizes.
    Some dogs have even conquered disabilities .
    Something you don't see every day though, is a dog that looks shockingly like a sheep.
    Thanks to some pampering at Yorikokoro , a dog salon based in Japan, this pup returned from a grooming session looking like quite the fluffball - a cute fluffball, but a fluffball nonetheless.
    おやつを食べてご機嫌なごまちゃん😋  可愛い尻尾❤  喜ばれて嬉しい せっかくなので 動くごまちゃん ティーカッププードル...
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