• Potential buyer seeks government guarantees for Credit Suisse takeover - Reuters

    11 days ago - By RT

    UBS reportedly wants the government to partly cover the acquisition of the failing lender
    Multinational investment bank UBS wants the Swiss government to cover about $6 billion of the costs if it agrees to buy Credit Suisse, a rival lender whose shares plummeted this week amid customer outflows and a loss of investors, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing sources.
    Earlier media reports indicated that the banks were discussing a merger, an idea pitched by the Swiss National Bank and Financial Market Supervisory Authority , to save Credit Suisse from insolvency.
    The government funds are...
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  • The Biden administration is calling for tougher penalties on bank executives

    The Biden administration is calling for tougher penalties on bank executives

    11 days ago - By NPR

    The White House is looking for administrative fixes to tighten up banking regulations and supervision after it found itself backstopping uninsured deposits when two mid-sized banks failed.
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  • Mid-size banks want all deposits insured for 2 years to avoid 'panic' and restore confidence, report says

    11 days ago - By Business Insider

    The Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America represents more than 100 lenders. Getty Images
    A coalition of more than 100 mid-sized banks is calling for deposits to be insured for two years.
    The Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America asked regulators to extend protection, Bloomberg reported.
    It said action was needed to "restore confidence among depositors before another bank fails."
    Federal regulators have been urged to protect all deposits for the next two years to prevent a wider run on banks following recent collapses, Bloomberg reported. The Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America, which represents...
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