• Pandora ditching mined diamonds for lab-grown ones

    1 day ago - By Washington Post

    The move by the world's biggest jeweler reflects consumer demand for sustainability and ethical sourcing.
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  • Pandora moves from mined to lab-created diamonds

    1 day ago - By NY Times

    The world's largest jewelry maker cited growing consumer awareness around supply chain sustainability.
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  • Pandora is ditching mined diamonds for lab-grown stones that cost as little as $350. It's the first major jewelry company to make the move

    2 days ago - By Business Insider

    Pandora's new lab-grown diamonds collection.
    Courtesy of Pandora
    Pandora said it would no longer use mined diamonds in its jewelry.
    The company is hoping to woo a new customer base with cheaper, lab-grown stones that are more sustainable.
    The production of lab-grown diamonds has grown in the past two years, while rough diamond production has fallen.
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    Pandora is the first major jewelry brand to promise to stop using mined diamonds in any of its products, as it looks to woo sustainability-minded millennial shoppers. Pandora, one of the world's...
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